English Friendship Camp 2018 is one of co-curricular programs in International Undergraduate Program Department of Economics Education (IUP DEE) which aims to improve not only students’ English language skills but also to boost students’ self-confidence, to learn how a teamwork should be, and to develop many other soft skills.

In IUP DEE English Friendship Camp 2018, IUP DEE did a collaboration with LB LIA Semarang, one of reputable English courses in Semarang. IUP DEE English Friendship Camp started at 8 am up to 4 pm on Sunday, April 22, 2018. This event was attended by international class students (IUPians) and regular class students amounted 96 students. Students are very enthusiast to participate all of activities at this camp. This event held in several places at Faculty of Economics, Universitas Negeri Semarang.

This event was opened by the Chairman for Department of Economic Education Universitas Negeri Semarang, Dr. Ade Rustiana, M.Si. In his welcoming remarks, Mr. Ade Rustiana stated that students really need this kind of positive activities where they can learn not only in the class but also out of the class in fun ways by doing games and many interesting projects. In the middle of this event, the Vice Dean for Academic Affairs Faculty of Economics, Mr. Heriyanto, Ph.D came to supervise students’ activities. He was very impressed with IUP DEE’s progressive idea to make a collaboration event with other institutions in order to stimulate students in improving their competencies.

For this activities, LB LIA management sent their 12 best teachers leaded by Mr. Ignatius Aristiyono as the Branch Manager LB LIA Imam Bonjol Semarang. All of participants were very talk active because teachers can stimulate them interestingly to express their feelings and thoughts in English. One of participants, Moch Faizal (IUPians 2017), said that by joining this event he can learn many things. He was able to speak out his opinion without feeling awkward anymore, and he felt less nervous. IUP DEE English Friendship Camp 2018 was closed by the announcement for the best group and the most active student from each group. All of them received discount vouchers for studying in LB LIA Semarang. (Kemal Budi Mulyono/ Program Coordinator of Economics Education IUP DEE)

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