FE Students Win 2nd Place in the 2021 Stock Case Competition at the Trisakti School of Management Investment Gallery

Ahead of the 15th FE Anniversary, Economics Faculty students won 2nd place in the 2021 Stock Case Competition. They are Rizal Nur Rafly (2018 Management), Abdul Chotib Nasih (2018 Management), and Ersa Apriliana (2018 Accounting).

The Stock Case Competition is one of a series of Creative Opportunity in Management Investment Competition (COMIC) 2021 competitions organized by the Trisakti School of Management Investment Gallery.

The competition is conducted online in two stages, namely the selection of works and presentations. The selection of works will take place from April 26 – May 16, 2021, so that 10 teams are entitled to qualify for the presentation stage. The presentation of the work was carried out on May 22, 2021 using the Zoom Meeting application.

Based on the jury’s assessment, the first winner was President University, the second was Semarang State University and the third was the University of Indonesia. As a form of appreciation for their victory, the Semarang State University Team received a trophy, medal, and certificate.

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