Six FE Students Pass the 2021 KBMI Funding

Six students of the Faculty of Economics passed the funding for the 2021 Indonesian Student Entrepreneurial Activities (KBMI). They are Sofiyatun (Management) as chairman with the Greenslly Catering Business, Erna Emmawati (Pend. Economics) as a member of the Faculty of Engineering team with MDPL Farm Business, Alfiatur Rahmah (Economics). Development) as a member of the Faculty of Engineering team with the Business (Online Fashion Marketplace for Indonesian Kondangan Fashion), Andini Tri Oktaviani (Accounting) as a member of the Faculty of Sports Science team with the Red Guppy Farm Business, Afifah Tunnisa (Economics Education) as a member of the Faculty of Engineering Team with Lydia Beauty Business, and Nastiti Dewi Purtono (Management) as a member of the Engineering Faculty Team with Business.

KBMI is a prestigious entrepreneurship event from the Directorate of Learning and Student Affairs, Directorate General of Higher Education, Ministry of Education and Culture. The objectives of KBMI are (1) to cultivate entrepreneurial character; (2) developing new and innovative creative entrepreneurs; (3) assisting students in determining the uniqueness of the business by finding the right market gap to increase the chances of business success; and (4) support the implementation of the Independent Learning Campus (MBKM) policy.

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